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2018 Thailand Adventures—Tourist or Traveler

Northern Thailand – Adventures In Healing

January 24-February 12, 2018

The Land of Smiles!

Focusing on Thai Yoga Massage, meditation, Buddhist philosophy and authentic Thai culture, we will explore how Asian healing traditions, belief systems and lifestyles impact one’s mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Southern Thailand – Into the Wild

February 12-March 2, 2018

Integrating Health & Culture

Delve into the tropical treasure of Southern Thailand, with a rich and spacious approach to study, practice and cultural exchange. This portion of the journey is a truly unique opportunity to experience the raw natural beauty of a remote landscape and embrace the inspiration of a simple existence.

Jungle Yoga

February 23-March 2, 2018

Relax and Unwind

Floating bamboo huts surrounded by stunning views and the sounds of gibbons and cicadas, but NO mosquitoes! Start every day with an enlivening yoga practice, relax in meditation, receive Thai Yoga Massage, enjoy fabulous Thai cuisine, kayak and swim in the surrounding lake, hike the Khao Sok National Forest, spelunk, star-gaze, and relax in the hammocks.

Thai Yoga Massage Certification—

January 24 – March 2, 2018

Participate in Northern Thailand, Southern Thailand, and Jungle Yoga to earn your Thai Yoga Massage Certification

This innovative and comprehensive cross-cultural certification program is designed to expand your personal understanding of health through the exploration and integration of ancient wisdom traditions and modern sustainability practices, both of which, will naturally invite you to develop a deeper relationship with your self, your community, and your environment.

Learn or Receive Thai Yoga Massage in Thailand —Apply now for our 2018 Programs!

Asi, Massachusetts

“My experience in Thailand has effected me on many levels. On a professional level it has made my job more interesting and creative. I have begun blending the Thai massage techniques into my table practice which is like having a new bottle of paint to splatter onto the canvas.

On a personal level this trip penetrated my soul. As a single Momma, it was a challenge to create the circumstances that would allow me to go to Thailand. It was a real test of how far I would go to show my son that I had dreams and that I would chase them until I could taste them, and the fact that I made it, feels like a real accomplishment. Now, my son says “When are WE going to Thailand?” He wants to travel the world too, which I love!”

Asi, Massachusetts