Brazil Resources

Project Uere
An open doors school with an alternative teaching pedagogy (UERÊ-MELLO), intended for children and youngsters ranging from 4 to 18 years old who live in the Maré Favela in Rio de Janiero. It was founded in 1998 by Yvonne Bezerra de Mello, with the purpose of helping children with backgrounds including extreme poverty, social exclusion, and trauma caused by violence and learning disabilities, recover self-esteem and integrate back into society. Truly inspiring!

KAJ Yoga
Kimberly Johnson masterfully blends aspects of yoga and structural integration into a transformative practice called Bodywork Yoga. Her extensive anatomy training, combined with a deeply intuitive understanding of the body - a result of over 15 years of using yoga and structural integration to explore her own physical and emotional challenges - make her one of our most valuable resources. If you happen to be in Rio, or are looking to attend a teacher training, don't miss the opportunity to practice with Kimberly!