Aug 12-24, 2018


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RECLAIM Yourself

Integral Travel is incredibly excited to partner with International Peace Initiatives (IPI) to offer the first EVER Yoga Retreat to their eco-village Tiriji.

This is a journey for down-to-earth people, curious about yoga as a medium for transformation, open to an immersive cultural experience, and interested in creating connections.

Your home for 12 days will provide you with plenty of time to really unwind from the fast pace of your life, enjoy long days and nights, and deepen your relationship with yourself and others. Morning yoga and evening gatherings create the container for a beautiful and peaceful retreat.

During your time there, you will reside in an inspirational village, comprised of a women’s center for those trying escape the cycle of poverty and violence, an children’s home for those orphaned by AIDs and HIV, and the newest addition to their campus, the eco-village Tiriji.

You’ll live among these people, who call it their home. You will not just learn about, but experience their lifestyle through sharing in their daily lives. You will take skill-building classes with the residents, such as jewelry-making or weaving classes, for they are empowering themselves in creating new possibilities for their lives. You will work next to them in the organic garden that produces the very food that you will eat. A cooking class will give you something to take home and share with your family. And every time you cook that recipe for the rest of your life, you remember your time in Kenya.

Of course, you’ll have some fun too. You’ll meet and spend some time with the children who live at IPI, playing games, getting to know them. You’ll see elephants, giraffes, zebras, and maybe even lions, on a day and a night safari. Hike through the Kenyan flora, enjoy her nature sounds, and take in the different smells on a half-day hike on Mount Kenya. Try your hand (literally!) at drumming and learn some African dance moves in a lesson. Culminate your journey with an unforgettable farewell ceremony, exchanging gratitude, smiles, and laughter with your hosts, who have become your friends.

About IPI

What began as a center to house women living with AIDs and HIV has evolved over the course of its 15-year history to meet the needs of those women and the greater global community. IPI provides these women, survivors of violence, and other people living in extreme poverty, with education and skills-based training, such as jewelry-making and tailoring, so they can take charge of their lives. The belief is that healing isn’t about surviving; it’s about thriving. And that comes through an integration in culture, with empowerment over one’s place in society.

As these women began to die, they asked Karambu Ringera (read her full story here), the founder of IPI, to take care of their children. So she opened the Amani Home next to her women’s center. The belief is that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. The pursuit is that of self-reliance. Through peace and empowered leadership programs, they are proving that breaking the cycle of violence and poverty all too prevalent in Kenya and Africa at large is, in fact, possible.

This community of empowered individuals continues to grow, and this community is truly thriving. The children are growing up to become leaders in the building of resilient and self-sustaining communities.

The latest addition to the organization is the construction of the Tiriji Eco Center, built to achieve food sovereignty. They have turned a barren piece of land, considered worthless by the government of Kenya, into an amazingly lush food forest in which they produce most of their own food. Utilizing organic farming methods, drip irrigation and solar power, they feed the children living at the Amani Home.

IPI envisions a world where violence, poverty and disease no longer exist and where every individual lives with dignity and respect. We believe in that mission with all of our hearts and are thrilled to be facilitating this inspirational journey.

  • Daily yoga 
  • Day and night Safaris – experience the changing colors of the African savannah and see its wildlife throughout a full day and night safari
  • 1/2 day hike up Mount Kenya – one of the highest mountains in the world, we will not hike all the way to the summit, but will enjoy its majesty wandering in the foothills of her base, connecting to Nature.
  • A day in the life of… spend a day with the local women, gathering water, firewood, cooking and helping with whatever else they do.
  • Organic Gardening – spend a couple afternoons in the garden, tending the plants that are growing the very food you are eating!
  • Play with the kids! – Learn Kenyan games. Teach them American games in a couple days of pure fun and bonding.
  • Tour a Tea Plantation – learn about the tea growing process from start to finish and try your hand at harvesting tea leaves
  • Jewelry-making workshop – get firsthand experience in Kenyan beading practices and make a souvenir to take home or give as a gift!
  • Drumming lessons – try your hand, literally, at Kenyan rhythms. (If you own a drum, bring it!)
  • African dance lessons – learn how to move your body in new ways to these new beats.
  • Journal Exercises: journaling is entirely optional but highly recommended. We carefully craft an in-country “study guide” with interesting themes for each day, coupled with suggested journal topics that ask you to dive deeper into your experience in a foreign country.
  • Group Discussions: In the evenings after dinner, we will gather as a group to discuss the day’s theme, reflections upon it, and any insights we have about the suggested journal topics or our experiences in general. This type of group discussion offers an opportunity to deepen your experience of the adventure and to teach and learn from others in an effort to build cultural bridges and engender appreciation.
Getting There

The Basics:

This journey will officially begin at 12pm on August 12th and will end at 12pm on August 24th at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Kenya. Participants are encouraged to arrive in Nairobi on or before August 10th to allow a day to get over jetlag.

Getting to Nairobi, Kenya: Please make your own travel arrangements to Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO). It is wise to plan on arriving a day before our journey together begins so that you have time to adjust to the time difference. We suggest looking for deals on the following websites:


Is Kenya safe?

Yes. The risks come when you traveling alone or near the borders. Luckily, our destination is almost directly in the center of the country. And our hosts will meet and greet us at the airport to ferry us safely to the nest they’ve created in Meru (about a 5-hour drive).

Is the water safe to drink?

The water at IPI is safe to drink. When traveling, we recommend getting bottled water, available from any grocery store.

Is street food safe to eat?

We do not advise any street food. The food we will be eating during our retreat is grown organically, on-site in their very own gardens…it is very safe to eat!

Will I have Internet access while on retreat?


Will I have cell service at IPI? 

Yes, cell service is available in Meru.

If your phone is unlocked, that is, it is paid off, the cheapest and easiest way to use your cell phone in other countries is with the use of a SIM card, available for purchase at airports, and most grocery and convenient stores.

If your phone is not paid off, check with your carrier about your options. Some offer “day passes” that allow you a certain amount of data and charge you only on the days during which you use your phone. Other options are travel packages, that give you a certain amount of data for a longer period of time.

How much money should I bring?

Budget: The program cost includes all meals, lodging in double occupancy accommodations, ground transportation to and from Nairobi, activities, and park entrance fees.

The journey price does NOT include: airfare, health insurance, $10 tourist visa (paid in cash upon arrival), and personal spending.

We suggest you bring about $100 for gifts, souvenirs, and sundries. The exchange rate is approximately USD$1  to 101 Kenyan Shilling. Nairobi, as the capital of Kenya, has a plethora of ATM’s available. The exchange rate you will find at the airport will not be the best, but it will do in a pinch.

Many banks and credit cards are beginning to offer cards with no travel restrictions and no need to let them know of your travel plans, but PLEASE check your bank’s/credit card’s policies and if necessary, let them know dates that you will be in Kenya to avoid having your accounts frozen due to “unexpected activity.”

Passport Info:

A passport with at least two blank pages, six months’ validity, and a visa are required to enter Kenya.

Do I need a visa?

Yes. You need a Visa. And you can conveniently get one upon your arrival in Nicaragua for only $10.

Can I bring my medications?


Do I need immunizations? 

We are not legally allowed to advise you on this topic. For additional information on immunizations and detailed country-specific recommendations on vaccinations and other health precautions for travelers to Kenya, visit the CDC’s Travelers’ Health website.

Great, I’m in! How do I register?

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Trip Cost

Trip Cost: $2795.

Registration closes one month before the program start date on Fri., July 13, 2018.

Early Bird Price: $2595

when paid in full by June 13th

Deposit: $500

to secure your place in the program. The full balance is due one month in advance of the program on July 13th, 2018.

Price includes: all of your accommodation, transportation, activities, park entrance fees and meals from 12pm on Aug 12th through 12pm on Aug 24th.

Price does not include: transportation to/from Kenya, accommodations before Aug 12th or on Aug 24th or later, travel insurance (required), tips, souvenirs, spending money, optional activities.

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