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Remaining 2018 Adventures—for Travelers, not tourists

Kenya – Yoga Retreat

August 12-24, 2018

RECLAIM Yourself! 


Integral Travel is incredibly excited to partner with International Peace Initiatives (IPI) to offer the first EVER Yoga Retreat to their eco-village Tiriji.

This is a journey for down-to-earth people, curious about yoga as a medium for transformation, open to an immersive cultural experience, and interested in creating connections.

Nicaragua – Nature’s Medicine

November 3-10, 2018

Downshift in the Land of Lakes & Volcanoes

and appreciate life, travel, and learning at a slower pace in rural Nicaragua, one of the safest and least traveled countries in Central America. This trip is focused on the knowledge of medicinal plants of rural Nicaraguan farmers and coffee growers. This is a rustic and unforgettable experience in a place where few people travel. Those who do, leave changed forever.