Daniel Hoang
Lead Instructor

Dear Students,

The path to becoming a healer is one that will require you to first take upon the responsibility of healing yourself.  Your ability to heal another lies within the realization that you can only heal yourself so that you may hold space for someone else to heal.  The sacredness of this opportunity to hold space for another is one that must be approached with the utmost compassion, respect, and understanding.  Thai massage is just one of the many tools that can be used create a safe and nurturing environment wherein healing can occur.  I am honored to share with you the tools and teachings that have been passed on to me but the path to self healing is one in which you must choose to embark on within yourself.  This path will be a journey into the unknown and uncertain but it will inevitably lead you to your growth and development as a healer. 

Recent testimonials for Daniel’s thai massage workshops at Interfusion Festival Summer 2017 wherein attendance for the class was over 200 participants.

“Oh I absolutely adored the Thai massage class. Wow, what an incredible experience- to give so much to someone you know not at all, and then to receive from them too! After this class, I was sweaty, relaxed, exhausted mentally and physically, and incredibly grateful to those that are in this practice.” -J.P.

“I really like how Daniel Hoang set the mood (tone). He brings the entire room to peace. His instructions are clear.”  -T.G.