Jessica Van Antwerp, LMT, CSP

Owner, Trip Leader

Jessica’s multidisciplinary background creates splashes of color that enliven her work in the healing arts field.  Her BA in Philosophy highlights her innately inquisitive spirit, her drive to find meaning in life, and to help others open to the majesty of life’s seemingly unanswerable questions. Her history as an athlete instilled an ease of movement and spatial awareness in her own body, while engendering an experiential understanding of the functional integration of human bodies in general.  She discovered her love for travel and teaching while exploring the possibility of Outdoor Education as a career, guiding kids through Central California and Ecuador during two consecutive summers.  And while these summers were profoundly transformative, she felt something still lacking…a sense of meaning, of interpersonal connection, of self development.  She enrolled in massage school and found a discipline that has not only deepened her knowledge of the human body, but opened her awareness to the nonphysical dimensions of what it is to be human.

Becoming a member of the Integral Travel team affords her the opportunity to combine her love of travel and teaching, with her passion for the healing arts and personal growth.