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Healing Hearts and Changing Lives

Our owner & CEO Jessica Van Antwerp loves the opportunity to talk about the story behind Integral Travel. She’s particularly grateful that people have transitioned into consciously choosing which businesses to support based on the company ethos. She and the team have put an incredible amount of thought and intention into every aspect of Integral […]

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Benefits of Self-Massage

Healing physically will help you heal mentally. Whether dealing with sore muscles, tight headaches, or general body pain, massages may be a helpful path to recovery. Countless trips to the spa might not be feasible to your wallet, but don’t worry: With the right massage tools, you can loosen up your body (and your mind) […]

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Mind-Body Connection: 4 Ways to Care for Your Body Holistically

Taking charge of your health and wellness starts with understanding the mind-body connection. You may think that mental and physical health are exclusive, but rather they are deeply connected. Understanding both mental and physical health and how they go together can help you improve your overall well-being. In this process, you may even discover a […]

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Less Stressed Life Podcast

This week on The Less Stressed Life Podcast, our owner & CEO Jessica Van Antwerp joins host Christa Biegler. In this episode, they discuss following “yes” signs, leading retreats, immune healing from nature, Qigong, energy exchange, being a giver, and the 8 tenets of wellness. KEY TAKEAWAYS: Benefits of retreats & immune healing from Nature. […]

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Maintaining Good Indoor Air Quality to Keep Your Family Healthy

by Scott Sanders, guest blogger www.cancerwell.org Most of us think of air pollution as something that happens outdoors, the accumulation of smog, factory smoke, and auto exhaust. But dangerous air can be found indoors as well. In fact, bad indoor air quality may constitute a greater threat to our health, and particularly to children, than […]