She’s on a quest to empower and heal.

Her story will grab you by the qi.

Check out this fantastic conversation between the owner & CEO of Integral Travel, Jessica Van Antwerp and the host of the BioOptimizers Awesome Health Podcast, Wade Lightheart. You’ll learn a whole lot during this 80-minute journey. (You can also simply listen – or Download here, so you can take the episode with you wherever you go!) 

Years ago, Jessica was a typical college student searching for answers to life’s conundrums.

Still figuring out what to do with her future, Jessica changed her major from business to philosophy (dad was not happy.) Finding business school to be a bore, she fell in love with philosophy, which fit her like a glove. This one decision tells us so much about her – Jessica is a thinker. A critical thinker. A BIG thinker.  And those thinking skills she picked up would serve her well as an adult. She’s never stopped asking big questions and seeking truth.

She draws on over a decade of experience in the health and wellness industry. Her own experiences with anxiety, weight, low self-esteem, and addiction are also huge contributors to her knowledge base today.

If you struggle with addiction, be sure to tune in as Jessica talks about her seven-year daily addiction to weed. She has also leaned on alcohol and even nicotine at times during stressful periods.

She worked 90 hours per week at one point, which led her to a nervous breakdown. 

Today, those substances are far behind her.

With refreshing honesty and compassion, she shares the high and low points of her life. Dealing with addictions, emotional hurts, workaholism, and then the spiritual turning point that led to healing travels and life-altering rejuvenation through eastern meditation, yoga, and qi gong. 

In this podcast, we cover:

  • Jessica and Wade geek out over the topic of philosophy
  • The childhood wounds Jessica discovered that were holding her back and how she overcame those traumatic memories
  • Jessica’s transition from staunch atheist to belief in a “higher power”
  • Overcoming weed addiction
  • From low self-worth to self-love
  • Qigong and its ancient medicinal practices
  • Jessica’s nervous breakdown and how she found restoration

The answers lie within, not outside of you.

“I think this is the key I want anyone listening to understand – sometimes there’s not a lot you can do about the stressors in your life. They are your responsibilities, your obligations. What you can do is change your relationship to them.”

Gaining New Perspectives

You may already have a taste of the impact a retreat can provide – particularly a focused, organized retreat. As the CEO of Integral Travel, Jessica offers powerful wellness retreats.

“The newness sheds new light and gives perspective on what you’re confronting and learning about yourself through the internal practices that we do – yoga, qi gong, meditation – how it takes you out of your day-to-day routine so you can look back and ask yourself, “Okay, what aspects of this are working for me, supporting my health, my vitality, making me feel good? What aspects of my daily life are not so good?”

Check out this episode – love is energy, and it can turn your life around.   


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