Happy new year!

As I’m looking deep into the eyes of 2018, I’m imagining the great contributions we at Integral Travel can make to answer that question with our Wellness Retreats.

Last week a lady from Boston called saying she wanted to use our Thailand trip as a windshield wiper of sorts, to clear away all the feelings and challenges she faces, to gain clarity, and to “keep moving.” I liked that.

Life is movement.

Death is the absence of movement.

We talked for an hour about her expectations, needs, and desires for travel in Thailand, our experiences there, reconnecting to nature, breaking out of our daily routine for renewed perspective, the sights and sounds, elephants and birds, flora, and fresh air she so badly wanted RIGHT NOW!  (Have you seen the news? It’s below zero in Boston!!!)

I posed the question: “How do you want to feel in 2018?”  And I realized by her reflective pause that maybe we all need to ask ourselves that question to illuminate our paths into our futures and to shine brightly upon what it is we are going to do to actualize our answers to that question.

For me, reflecting on this question makes me incredibly excited about our unique, adventurous, and mindful programs, rooted in the gentle exploration of both inner and outer landscapes through….

yoga, qigong, and meditation, outdoor activities to connect with Nature, delicious, healthy food, massage, acupuncture, and other wellness treatments, and scintillating discussions with intelligent, awake, and inquisitive people. Our staff spends enormous amounts of time curating every nuance of our exploration of foreign landscapes and beautiful cultures.

Intimacy is the devil to a profit-directed travel outfitter who needs large numbers to be profitable. But that’s NOT what we offer at Integral Travel. A SMALL, select intimate, curious and engaged group who are exploring answers to the question “How do I want to feel?

INTEGRAL, our name.  It was chosen as our directive.

Integral | in·te·gral: necessary for completeness;
essential, very important, whole, complete, natural.

Ours are not your typical yoga or massage retreats.  They are collections of experiences INTEGRAL to ourselves, our continued growth, and vital need to keep fresh. Exploring, learning, growing, moving….

This is the “WHY WE TRAVEL.”

It’s not for the act of travel in and of itself; it’s for the intangible benefits and gifts we receive in so doing. We travel to awaken our senses, to transform our perception of ourselves and of the world, and to inspire us in our daily lives. We travel so that we can come home to ourselves.

There’s still time. Be with us.

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