by Joyce Wilson, guest writer

Vacation is an essential part of life. No matter your background or occupation, taking time off every now and then to decompress can help you maintain a healthy perspective and keep your stress levels down. And if you want to add the occasional rush while experiencing new cultures, taking an adventure trip may be just the thing for you.

Traveling is not only beneficial on a personal level; it can also be great for couples. New experiences and a break in routine can do wonders for rekindling the romance and strengthening the bond in a relationship. Whatever you consider an adventure, whether it’s leisurely biking a route in Australia or scuba diving in Phuket, the world has plenty to offer.

If you want to plan an adventure trip with your significant other, keep these tips in mind.

Plan Together

It’s essential that you and your partner plan the trip together. Even if one of you is more of a planner than the other, make sure you’re both involved. If one person handles all the bookings and plans all the activities, they might feel guilty if plans fall through or the other person isn’t enjoying themselves. It’s too much pressure. Discuss your expectations for the trip, come up with a budget, and be sure to compromise. Make this your trip together by planning it together.

Schedule Loosely

Sure, you have to plan effectively if you want to go on a safari, go scuba diving, trek a mountain, or join an overlanding expedition. However, you also want to make sure you leave room for the unexpected. Come up with a list of activities together, book any organized group outings you want to experience, and be flexible with the rest of the time.

Plan for Adventure and Relaxation

Along with allowing for flexibility, you also want to ensure your plans are balanced between adventure and relaxation. Sure, on one level or another, you want to step out of your comfort zone during the trip. But also leave room for lounging around, reading a book, getting a spa treatment, writing in your journal, or anything else that helps you unwind.

Revisit Your Phone Plan

One of the best parts about traveling as a couple is that it allows you to disconnect from your day-to-day obligations and reconnect with each other. Nonetheless, you still need to be sure you can be reached or that you can reach others if an emergency takes place. That’s why it’s so important to ensure your smartphone is up to the task and that your plan will provide consistent service wherever you decide to travel.

Plan for Emergencies, and Get Insurance

You never know when the worst could happen. You lose your passport, your wallet is stolen or you fall and break your ankle. These present some highly stressful situations. To counter this, have a plan. Make copies of your passport and your health insurance cards. In fact, talk to your insurance provider about what’s covered if you’re traveling internationally. While it’s wise to keep extra money hidden on your person or in your suitcase, you may need more if your wallet is stolen in Phuket or Australia. Ask family or friends to check out a site like Remitly, which offers quick and secure money transfers to anywhere in the world.

Finally, get travel insurance before your trip. Many adventure tour companies require you to have travel insurance in order to travel with them. However, you should get travel insurance regardless, because it will provide you with a certain level of protection and peace of mind. Plus, there are many affordable options these days. Look into travel-medical insurance, medical evacuation coverage, and trip cancellation insurance.

Taking an adventure trip as a couple can do wonders for your relationship. Make sure you have a reliable phone plan, do the planning together, and be flexible with your schedule. Allow for both adventure and relaxation, and get the right kind of travel insurance for your trip. Most importantly, take advantage of opportunities to grow closer along the way.

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