I knew that starting the Northern Thailand trip with 4 days of mediation was going to be a wonderful way for me to form intentions for my journey, contemplate what it had taken to get there, become more aware of my surroundings, thoughts, and space that I was living in. As I boarded my very first overnight train I knew I’d be waking up in the beautiful countryside. I was daydreaming about what it must look like and how I was not going to talk for four days. I knew this would be a challenge and I was ready to dive in headfirst.

We arrived and took our things in. I had never seen such a beautiful place. The house, the rice patties, the trees, and mountains. I saw a small book in the kitchen and it was open to this page, “ I am water reflecting what is real, what is true. I feel space inside of me. I am free, I am free, I am free.” In the days that followed I would repeat this to myself during yoga and meditation. It was very powerful. I could feel it, I was transforming. I felt my body relaxing, I was sleeping better than I had in years. My mind was becoming quiet and still.

Molly Guindon, Wyoming