Japan has always been a top travel destination, and if you’re reading this article chances are it’s high up on your bucket list. Although travel plans may have been put on hold due to the global health crisis, this means that you have more time to plan the vacation of your dreams.

To that end, read below for four experiences of Japanese culture that are off the beaten path.

Get into underground music

Underground music is alive and well in Japan, with many considering it as one of the epicenter of Asia’s new music scene. Producer Nobuyuki Sakuma encapsulates the spirit of Japan’s underground music scene: his beats have an ethereal feel to them, with references to American hip-hop and a reliance on synthesizers that work to bring in a sense of new-wave cosmopolitanism. There are live music sets in virtually every major area of Japan, and the music itself ranges from classical to hard rock. If you really want to get a feel of what Japanese culture looks like now, checking a music show should definitely be on your itinerary.

Watch some live sport

Japan is one of the places to go for sports fanatics, as they’re huge fans of everything from soccer to horse racing. A comprehensive guide to sports betting in Japan by ExpatBets recommends bicycle and motorcycle racing as two of the most exciting sports you can watch, with locals even betting on their favorite rider. Each bicycle and motorcycle race features different odds depending on factors like the type of surface, competitors, and winning criteria, so you can imagine just how invested the fans get. While planning your trip to Japan, it’s worth seeing whether there are any sports tournaments taking place during your stay.

Drink artisan coffee

The Japanese are known for mastering whatever craft they choose, so it’s no wonder that local baristas are starting to grow the country’s coffee scene. Despite having just opened in 2017, Koffee Mameya has become a pilgrimage site for people who are serious about their coffee (or at least, people who want to look like they are). The tiny Shibuya outpost features a rotating stock of beans sourced from the best roasters all around the world, while the baristas themselves are extremely knowledgeable and will work to prepare you the perfect cup of coffee. Just don’t be surprised if you have to wait in line for a bit.

Find the next food trend

Let’s face it: Japanese food is one of the best cuisines the world has to offer. You should definitely have a hearty bowl of ramen and some fresh sushi during your trip, but you should also take the time to scour Japan’s restaurants for the next big trend. Case in point, Japanese soufflé pancakes are taking over restaurants all around the world thanks to its intensely fluffy and airy texture. Whether you’re staying at a hostel or a hotel, it’s worth asking locals to find the next big eating spot. Be sure to prepare your tummy!

Our post on our soothing Thailand trip just goes to show how diverse Asia is, and those looking for a little more hustle and bustle should think about heading a bit further east to Japan. Including these four activities in your itinerary will ensure that you get a trip unlike any other!

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