This week on The Less Stressed Life Podcast, our owner & CEO Jessica Van Antwerp joins host Christa Biegler. In this episode, they discuss following “yes” signs, leading retreats, immune healing from nature, Qigong, energy exchange, being a giver, and the 8 tenets of wellness.


Benefits of retreats & immune healing from Nature. 8 tenets of wellness. What is Qigong?


Following “yes signs.” How to protect your energy. How to reset if you are not able to go on a retreat.

Jessica Van Antwerp is the owner and CEO of Integral Travel. Jessica provides wellness retreats and education to teach people how to unlock their bodies’ natural healing capacity while connecting with others and the planet. Jessica uses these retreats to express the power of transformational travel and its regenerative potential. With the influence that our online world has on connecting others around the globe to better ourselves, Jessica is a leader in this as she is changing the lives of others who join her journey through physical, psychological, and spiritual activities.

Jessica draws on over a decade of experience in the health and wellness industry. She aspires to help people find inner peace. Having dealt with anxiety, low self-esteem, weight, and body-image issues, she knows just how difficult it can be to overcome these things and find self-love. She’s spent over a decade in the healing arts, doing massage and Shiatsu, teaching yoga and qigong, and through the lens of Chinese Medicine, learning the ways that we can reconnect with Nature to rebalance our bodies, minds, and spirits.


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