There have been a handful of experiences in my life that I would consider life-changing on many levels; graduating high school, falling in love, moving away from my home town, just to name a few. But none have been quite like the experience I had in Thailand. A few words to describe my journey: enriching, transformational, detoxifying, and I think the most appropriate term would be awe-inspiring.

The culture in Thailand is so amazingly beautiful. With friendly people, incredible food, beautiful landscapes, and a peaceful atmosphere all at your fingertips, how could one not have an amazing time? Integral Travel made it possible to experience these elements on a deep level. They facilitated and provided a space for spiritual growth and emotional stimulation, as well as the obvious physical benefits of educating oneself in the realm of Thai Massage, Yoga, and deep meditation. These few words do not do this magnificent journey justice. TAKE THIS TRIP! It WILL change your life.

by Kate McNally