Taking charge of your health and wellness starts with understanding the mind-body connection. You may think that mental and physical health are exclusive, but rather they are deeply connected. Understanding both mental and physical health and how they go together can help you improve your overall well-being. In this process, you may even discover a new tenet of wellness you may have never considered before that can help improve your quality of life. Read on to discover four ways to better care for your body holistically.

Understand How Stress Impacts Your Body + How to Manage it

Stress is not only mentally unpleasant to deal with, but it can have some impacts on your physical health as well. Prolonged periods of stress are especially concerning. In fact, undergoing stress can cause negative effects such as an upset stomach, heartburn, muscle tension, and trouble breathing just to name a few. Given the mental and physical symptoms of stress, it can cause you to feel poorly overall. Therefore, taking steps to reduce your stress will do wonders for your overall health. First, determine what is causing you so much stress. Is it your job, personal matters, or a difficult situation you may be dealing with? Whatever it may be, all these circumstances can cause stress. You’ll want to do your best to deal with these things that may be upsetting or triggering in your life. There are several ways to do this. Take up guided meditation to help you relax, go on a wellness retreat to recharge, try Qigong, or even speak with an online therapist to try to help you talk through your concerns. Combining these techniques can help you to better manage your stress and prevent it from building up.

Give Massage a Try

An excellent strategy to help your body feel better and relaxed is to unwind through touch, which is one of our tenets of wellness. For instance, trying massage can help to alleviate bodily aches and pains and at the same time help combat anxiety by allowing you to take a break and focus on self-care. There are many different types of massage and massage tools that you can try, from enjoying a massage on a retreat, to unwinding with a self-massage at home. Whatever method you decide to try such as deep tissue, or hot stone, massage can help you to tackle your back pain and release stress as you listen to relaxing music or nature sounds during a session. Other healing methods combined with massages such as deep breathing, and reiki help to connect both mind and body.

Up Your Nutrition

Caring for your body holistically begins with the science of nutrition. Knowing how your diet goes hand in hand with your overall health and happiness can serve as the foundation for aligning both your mental and physical health. The relationship between mental wellness and your gut is often referred to as the gut-brain connection. The correlation between the gut and the brain is a great example of how the mind and body come together as one. Your diet can directly impact your emotions and how you feel. Your body needs its essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to function at its optimal best. Be mindful to eat a wide range of healthy fruits, vegetables, proteins, and most importantly, probiotics. Introducing probiotics into your diet can create a healthy balance in your gut. Do not forget to try holistic nutrition as well.  Add some supplements, embrace immune-boosting recipes, and herbs, or try essential oils as part of your nutrition plan.

Embrace a Relaxing Environment + Focus on Your Mindset

A great way to care for both your mind and body is to be mindful of your environment and surroundings. You can help to put yourself at ease by having a positive mindset in combination with a relaxing environment. Allow yourself to relax by unwinding at the end of each day. Do your best to connect with nature and get outdoors. Go visit your favorite garden, sit by a fountain, or even spend time in your own backyard. As you enjoy the natural world, try your best to have a positive attitude and mindset. Fill your mind with positive thoughts. Think about all the good things you have in your life and all that you have accomplished for the day. Take deep breaths and breathe slowly. Let go of any stress or tension you may have bottled up. These techniques work well to alleviate anxiety and help to bridge nature, mind, and body.

Creating a holistic healthy way of life starts with you. It’s important to take a look at your current lifestyle habits to understand how they may be impacting your body and your mood. Caring for your body holistically is a balance between the mental and the physical, and creating harmony.

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