I’ve been totally nerding out on essential oils recently. I’m only just beginning to learn how powerful they are!

Did you know that one drop of an essential oil is so concentrated in its plant power that it’s equivalent to 28 cups of tea of the same herb or plant?

My husband and I started using Lavender essential oil before bedtime, and we’ve been sleeping significantly more deeply.

Now I’m curious about using essential oils to treat… whatever! Essential oil cleaning products. Essential oils for pain. Essential oils for energizing and even adding them to salad dressings!

We’ve chosen to align with doTERRA Essential Oils because their mission and values align with ours. Our mission is to heal people’s hearts by empowering them in their own health and wellness. Their mission is to empower people in their own health and wellness harnessing the power of nature.

They source their oils from small farms around the world, pay fair prices, and require that their producers implement environmental stewardship and/or social impact initiatives, thereby improving the lives of everyone along the supply chain.

If you’d like to use more natural products in your home or in your life, AND feel great about supporting an ethical company, then check out this video! It’s a great introduction to the benefits of oils, how they work, and one of the leading companies in the industry.

And I’d like to extend a HUGE thanks to Emily Polonus, a Retreat Leader for Jungle Yoga, for introducing me to doTERRA and producing this video.


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