I like to think of relationships as plants. It helps me cultivate patience in this fast-paced digital world in which we start freaking out when people don’t respond to our texts within hours.

New relationships are like little seeds; they hold the spark of life and are FULL of possibility. They require just the right balance of water, light and the nutrients in the soil in order to thrive. Overdoing any one of those essential components can lead to a sickly, or dead, plant. Time and space are the other two necessary components. Time is necessary for the roots to dry out in between waterings, otherwise you risk killing the plant by drowning it…literally, suffocating it. Space in its pot for roots to grow deep and strong also leads to a healthy and long-lasting plant.

My relationship with Integral Travel is like this…FULL of possibility. It’s just that our relationship didn’t start as a seedling and go through the growth cycle from sprout to mature plant. When Holly and I purchased Integral Travel last May, it was already a mature and healthy plant. We are the soil into which this business has been transplanted. And we immediately started asking the plant to grow, rather than allowing time for its roots to adjust to the shock of the transfer.

Now, we are becoming aware of the effects of that root shock. We have been busy trying to force the plant to blossom, rather than tending the soil. So we’d like to take a step back from the focus on growth to allow the roots of this beautiful creation time to adapt to their new environment. During this time, we will cultivate the soil of this business with the right amount of attention and care, carefully pruning the existing branches with an eye to its future shape, so that our growth is natural and sustainable…..kind of like bonsai.


One cannot make a flower blossom.

It does so in its own time…

and it does so effortlessly.




The results of slowing down, and allowing the time and space for this evolution will undoubtedly yield incredibly luscious blossoms.

It is in this spirit that we feel compelled to postpone both our Kenya Yoga Retreat and our Nicaragua – Nature’s Medicine adventures. We extend our deepest apologies for any inconvenience this may cause to you, especially if you had your heart set on one or the other for this year. Please know that we do not make this decision this lightly. In the short-term, while this news may disappoint you, I assure you that you will ultimately be satisfied with the results that this figurative “deep breath” will yield.

Our next Integral Travel trip will be to Thailand in the first quarter of 2019, exact dates TBD.

Keep an eye out for that trip’s new iteration and itinerary, as well as for the updated dates for Kenya and Nicaragua.

With your patience and support, we will be around for the foreseeable future, providing journeys that blow your mind, change your thought-patterns, and ultimately, improve the quality of your lives.



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