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A year and a half ago, nobody imagined a world of face masks and lockdown restrictions, yet here we are—almost at the end of it now.

Although memories now seem divided into pre- and post-pandemic categories, it’s only been around 500 days since COVID-19 first made headlines on global news.

Slowly, but surely, vaccination efforts have reached almost a quarter of the global population, and experts predict we will start to see fewer restrictions and more flexibility to travel by the end of 2021.

Things to Look Forward to

As the situation ameliorates and people take to the skies more regularly, we should always remember that our travels tend to leave a mark on the environment unless we actively look for ways to mitigate the effects of our stay there.

Whether you decide to give in to the travel bug now or later, you should do so consciously.

If you can wait a little longer—or at least until you’re fully-vaccinated—you’ll have a better chance of avoiding any COVID-related setbacks such as lockdowns. A few months of delay will also give you time to indulge in your destination’s history and culture long before you set foot there.

Those who can spare a few months before setting off can take proactive steps that help them score deals on things like credit cards during the months leading up to their trip.

Below, we’ll be sharing our top 3 green destinations for those who want to score a Happy Mother Earth badge on their adventures. You’ll have plenty of reasons to have a sustainable lifestyle when you’re done.

Our Top 3 Green Destinations for Post-Pandemic Travel


Austria is one of the 27 sovereign nations comprising the European Union. Over the years, it has become a prime travel destination for adventurers and explorers alike, with a wide host of activities excellent for those passionate about the wild outdoors.

Photo by Sven D | Unsplash

As a mostly-alpine territory, of the country sits 500 m above sea-level, and a great portion of that sits well above 1000 m! The vast mountain ranges and high cliffs provide an excellent environment for hiking and skiing enthusiasts to unravel in the country’s rich landscape.

Photo by Paul Gilmore | Unsplash

Known as Europe’s Green Heart, Austria has been ranked first on Mercer’s Quality of Living Report for 10 years running, with Vienna as the spearhead driving environmentally-conscious policy and government.

Considered a symbol of cultural and historical prowess, Austria’s beautiful scenery and diverse heritage has given birth to numerous artists, musicians, and historians over the course of history, making it a pillar of modern civilization and a wonder for nature devotees.

São Paulo

As one of the 5 major cities driving sustainable change, Sao Paulo has been largely committed to reducing their impact on climate change during the past decade, and has declared its goal to reduce carbon emissions to half by 2060.

Photo by Thandy Yung | Unsplash

Being a densely populated metropolitan area, the city’s government has implemented enormous thermoelectric power plants that capture and reduce harmful gasses from the atmosphere, as well as developed a highly efficient public transport system that will help travelers navigate the city easily.

Photo by R Spegel | Unsplash

Sao Paulo is an urban canvas, similar to its American equivalent, New York City. The city creates an incredibly rich socio-cultural experience for travelers who are passionate about exploring the world.

Generations upon generations of immigrants have given the city a magical touch, almost to the point of no return, as it continues to evolve into the modern, artistic and social-economic metropolis it is today.


Home to the world’s largest beer festival and a 500-year old brewery house, the city of Munich was founded in 1,158, making it 863 years old!

Photo by Jan Antonin Kolar | Unsplash

Photo by Ian Kelsall | Unsplash

Munich’s English Garden is one of the largest inner-city parks in the world, with 375 hectares spread across the center of the city towards the northeastern limits. It creates a host of outdoor activities for locals or travelers of all ages, from beer gardens to river surfing and historic attractions, such as the Chinese Tower or the Monopteros temple.

There is so much going on in Munich—and people love it! From historic architecture dating back to hundreds of years ago, to picturesque town centers and charming atmosphere, there is something for everyone in Munich, making its citizens one the happiest in the world!

Adopting these strategies for daily life

It’s been a while since COVID-19 first made its way into our lives.  This experience has caused the world much anguish and desperation, but despite the misery and the strife, we have managed to live on.

Our impact on the world is not always rightly measured. This planet of ours is so complex, so vast, that the consequences of our actions are never immediately apparent, which is why we must create awareness.

COVID-19 restrictions and safety procedures continue to be upheld across the globe for the foreseeable future, but changes in policy, COVID variants, and new cases can put a stop on our travel plans, regardless of a vaccine.

Having a solid backup strategy can help you overcome any unexpected surprises or obstacles in your journey without taking a toll on your budget.

Enjoy your travels!

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