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The world is your oyster and traveling is the best way to consume it. In fact, traveling is, by far, among the greatest gifts that you can offer your children, in that they are schooled on the ways of the world through experience and see marvels beyond your own backyard. No doubt, time on the road with the family is always time well spent. However, it can be rife with challenges, too, especially with kids in tow — not to mention, potentially costly.

But don’t write off the idea of a family adventure just yet, because you can, in fact, take measures to make yours a success and keep expenses low while you’re at it.

Have a Game Plan

Like most things worth pursuing, an exciting family trip starts with research and a great travel plan. It’s a good idea to leave your romantic notions of spontaneity at the door because you simply can’t afford to leave anything to chance when traveling with the entire family.

At the most basic level, you will need to book everything in advance, from plane tickets to hotel rooms to even attraction passes. This is primarily because it can be hard for establishments to grant accommodations at the last minute when there’s a good number of you, especially during peak seasons. No doubt, the alternative — that is, being stuck somewhere unfamiliar with kids because you couldn’t get a ride or a room — is a travel horror story waiting to happen! Best of all, advance bookings also give you the opportunity to score great rates and discounts.

In addition to planning for your trip, it’s also important to plan for your absence, particularly at work. To eliminate the need to constantly check your phone or your email, and in order to fully unplug on your vacation, create a strategy to keep the wheels turning. Connect with clients and customers and alert them to your absence; you can even appoint a trusted employee to handle any concerns that arise. Update your calendars accordingly, avoid scheduling major tech changes while you’re out, and make sure to push meetings until a few days after your return.

Take It Easy

Now, one thing that can potentially make your family adventure a stressful one is having a too-tight schedule and having to adhere to timetables that are often inflexible. Honestly, why subject yourself and your family through that kind of pressure when you can — and should, in fact — take it easy and save a pretty penny while you’re at it?

One great way to do so is to consider driving to your destination instead of flying. Not only is it infinitely more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly, but it also eliminates the pressure of having to go to airports early to catch flights, which, in turn, makes it less chaotic for everyone.

Pack Proactively.

Lastly, make sure to pack what your family needs while you’re away from home. This is especially crucial for little kids whose myriad needs have to be satisfied. Fundamentally, you will need to pack healthy and delicious snacks to keep those little tummies happy, as well as games and other activities to keep boredom at bay during hours on the road. Moreover, you should also be mindful of weather conditions you will likely encounter during your trip so you can pack accordingly. Doing so will not only ensure that everyone is comfortable and happy but will also help you avoid emergency runs to the store that could put a huge dent on your pocket money.

Indeed, there are few things that can strengthen your bond as a family as a fun and adventurous trip. So, do yourself a favor and heed these tips — your bank account will thank you, and your family will, too.

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