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Finding Wellness Thru Travel & Eastern Massage Therapies

She’s on a quest to empower and heal. Her story will grab you by the qi. Check out this fantastic conversation between the owner & CEO of Integral Travel, Jessica Van Antwerp and the host of the BioOptimizers Awesome Health Podcast,…
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Unlock Your Body's Natural Healing Powers

Our owner and CEO Jessica Van Antwerp had the great pleasure of being on the High Energy Girl Podcast with Tracee Gluhaich. They had a great time chatting about everything from nutrition, wellness, yoga, mindfulness, and massage,…
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DIY Shiatsu: Back & Legs

Touch has been scientifically measured to make you healthier by increasing the functioning of your immune system and releasing a flood of good hormones into your bloodstream. Learn a simple routine you can practice on your loved ones at home…