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I am Free

I knew that starting the Northern Thailand trip with 4 days of mediation was going to be a wonderful way for me to form intentions for my journey, contemplate what it had taken to get there, become more aware of my surroundings, thoughts, and…
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Ode to Water and to All the Water Goddesses

What comes to mind when you think of water? Cooling, calming, cleansing, refreshing. Sweet, peaceful, beautiful, still. Blue, green, golden, white. Undulating, flowing, frightening, destructive. Stagnant, polluted, frothy, sour. Hot, relaxing,…
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Healer, Heal Thyself!

What is health? What is suffering? Why do we suffer? How do we heal? These are some of the questions that a small group of inquisitive travelers and I recently explored during a three-week journey through Northern Thailand. The premise…