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Mind-Body Connection: 4 Ways to Care for Your Body Holistically

Taking charge of your health and wellness starts with understanding the mind-body connection. You may think that mental and physical health are exclusive, but rather they are deeply connected. Understanding both mental and physical health and…

Actionable Tips for Looking and Feeling Your Best Post-Pandemic

This article was written by Cheryl Conklin, guest blogger for Integral Travel and founder of Wellness Central.  As COVID-19 vaccines are rolled out, the world is starting to consider what the ‘new normal’ will look like after the pandemic.…
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The Power of Retreat

I'm fresh back from a weekend retreat with my spiritual community, cultivating Unconditional Love. Even though it was only two days, I feel profoundly different. I was able to really leave behind my bottomless to-do list, my worries, and…