I’ve spent my entire career learning about the human body, how to help people heal and how to help people access their body’s natural capacity to heal itself. And I want to share my knowledge with you. The techniques and tools I want to share with you are ancient knowledge, but they don’t have to be secrets.

So I’m giving it to you for free, as a gift. Because we all deserve health, free from worry and stress.

From everything that I’m reading about Covid-19, up to 40-70% of the population is going to contract the coronavirus before this thing is over. And despite its seriousness, not everyone infected becomes seriously ill, much less symptomatic. So the question becomes, in addition to minimizing your risk of exposure in the first place, what else can you do to give your body the best possible chance of defeating the virus?

Before I get into what I think is the answer though, I should mention that all of our retreats have been postponed until we know more about how long this social distancing is going to last.

The ironic thing is that the activities we include in every single one of our retreats are designed and incorporated specifically for their positive effect on your health. The impact each of these activities has on the functioning of your immune system has been scientifically measured, and that’s part of what we talk about during our discussions.

So in lieu of sharing these tactics with you in person, on retreat, I want to share them with you here, for free. The experience of them is up to you though, during this time of quarantine and social distancing, but it’s time this information was shouted from the rooftops!

Your body has a built-in defense system!

It’s called your immune system.

And yes, some of the functioning of your immune system is genetic. But you also have influence over how well your immune system works.

The first and best thing you can do to optimize the functioning of your immune system is to deal with your stress, unwind your nervous system. You see, the physiology of your body (that is, how your body functions) actually changes when you’re in what is called Rest-and-Digest mode, or parasympathetic nervous system activation. Your body can focus its resources on digesting the vitamins and minerals from the food you eat, which are needed, not only for the normal functioning of your cells, but also the repair of tissues.

When you’re relaxed, your body can better defend itself against invading pathogens…because, when it’s locked in Fight-or-Flight mode, let’s be honest, your body isn’t focusing on your long-term health. It’s focused on short-term survival.

Some great ways to drop out of Fight-or-Flight and into Rest-and-Digest are to meditate, do yoga, do some qigong. Go for a walk, get a massage…again, all the things we normally do together during our retreats.

So here’s a recording of a Relaxation Meditation that will guide you through the progressive relaxation of your entire body. Releasing your muscular contraction will free that energy for usage by the rest of your body, for its own healing and defense.

You might be surprised how much physical tension you hold onto without even knowing it.

(I’ll be honest, the recording isn’t perfect! I forgot to put my phone on “Do Not Disturb” and my mom called, which cut off the recording. I had already made my way through the entire body, I just didn’t get to guide you out of the meditation. So after you finish, just let yourself feel that softness, and take it into the rest of your day with you.)

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