My favorite memory from this trip is an image from the classroom at Jungle Yoga. It is the end of our journey, and we are all sitting together in a circle discussing something. The overwhelming feeling is that we are all one, and our smiles are authentic. We all feel profound changes taking place inside thanks to all of the things that we experienced and learned together.

In this moment the proverbial wisdom is clear – It’s never about the destination, it’s always about the journey.

Every moment of this journey was special and unique. Bangkok was great, as we learned about a different culture, religion. Baan Thalaynok allowed us to interact with locals and experience their day-to-day way of life. Ko Ra – oh, I will never forget the Dancing Meditation on the beach under the new moon. The Surins was about enjoying the pure beauty of nature – after spending time exploring the reefs and jungles and pristine beaches, I gained a huge respect for mother nature and the environment. Khao Sok National Park still feels unreal to me. I still can’t believe that such a cool place exists here on Earth! Everything that we did there on that magical lake has a special place in my heart! And the wildlife! I can still hear the gibbons singing in the trees and the old monkey! – how many people can say that a monkey came and hung out in their massage class?