I’m fresh back from a weekend retreat with my spiritual community, cultivating Unconditional Love.

Even though it was only two days, I feel profoundly different.

I was able to really leave behind my bottomless to-do list, my worries, and anxieties, and be truly present with the movements and contemplations of the healing forms of qigong that we were doing. I was able to reconnect with the infinite part of myself. I was able to tune in to the intelligence of my body and give it some much-needed love.

And I was reminded of the profound power of doing so in a community setting.

You see, I have a daily practice. But just like a battery slowly dying over time, the power of my solo practice fades when it’s up to me alone to tune in. When surrounded by a throng of people with the same intention, and a master teacher to guide and hold space for us, the battery of my practice is recharged, given new life.

So I encourage you to find a retreat to go to. Even if it’s just a mini-retreat. One hour spent with others, cultivating energy or a quiet heart, is time well spent.

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