Private Health Coaching | Integral Travel Private Health Coaching | Integral Travel

If you…

  • feel lost, overwhelmed, or don’t know where to begin your journey to health
  • are overworked, overwhelmed, and stressed out
  • are tired all the time and get sick more than once per year
  • have lost track of your self-care or never had any to begin with
  • exist on a diet of coffee for energy, alcohol for stress, and perhaps even cigarettes for a break
  • want to lose weight, eat better, exercise more, and just feel better

Our health coaching services are for you!

You will:

  • Learn what your particular physical symptoms are pointing to on an emotional, mental, or spiritual level
  • Get personalized tools to address your issues from the inside out
  • Eliminate what isn’t serving you
  • Form healthy habits
  • Become bigger than your stressors
  • Restore your natural vitality!


  • A comprehensive intake to set goals for your mind, body, and spirit
  • Nutrition and Dietary Coaching
  • Private Qigong Instruction
  • Live Guided Meditations
  • Corrective Exercises & Fitness Advice
  • Working through your blocks to attaining the vitality and longevity that you deserve!


Jessica Van Antwerp

Integral Travel Owner/Retreat Leader

Jessica has spent her entire career learning how to unlock the human body’s natural capacity to heal itself, and she wants to share this knowledge with you. She’ll empower you with tools that will benefit you for the rest of your life!

Her unique approach to health coaching comes from:
  • over a decade of experience in multiple modalities of bodywork and energy work
  • Deep training and personal practice in the art of Qigong
  • her natural talent as a teacher, with a decade of experience in the classroom
  • Experience leading groups on immersive wellness retreats through her company, Integral Travel
  • Personal experience with the stress and overdrive that come from being a self-employed entrepreneur
  • Her own struggles with weight and body image issues that led her to sustainable dietary changes and a manageable exercise routine
  • A lifetime of anxiety, and even a nervous breakdown, from which she healed using Qigong and meditation