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9 – 10am MST

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Sheng Zhen Gong

Sheng Zhen Meditation is a method of self-healing, often referred to as “practices of Unconditional Love.” It involves a series of moving and non-moving meditations, all designed to remove stagnant, negative energy and gather positive, healing energy (qi). In these ongoing weekly classes, you’ll learn a variety of forms from the Sheng Zhen tradition.

Create a deep sense of inner peace and an experience of perfect harmony with the universe.

Taught by Integral Travel owner Jessica Van Antwerp, who has been practicing qigong since 2009 and Sheng Zhen Gong since 2012. The discovery of Sheng Zhen for her came the day she had a nervous breakdown. She felt its power immediately and credits her speedy recovery to this powerful practice, which has since transformed her life. It’s become her anchor, helping her cultivate more patience, kindness, and joy.

It will lead you to a stillness of your mind, an opening of your heart and a peace in your being you didn’t know you had.

Return to your original state. 

Donations welcome, but not required.


A Zoom online meeting room, accessible from wherever you are!

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