Full Moon Mini-Retreat | Integral Travel Full Moon Mini-Retreat | Integral Travel


Sun. Aug. 14th

12-4 pm


Basic Ticket


Level Up

a doTERRA sample pack of oils of your choice from our Full Moon Collections



includes a doTERRA sample pack of oils of your choice from our Full Moon Collections, and a free Sensually Embodied Dance Class

Harness the Power of the Moon

The full moon represents illumination and culmination. This is the mid-point of the Lunar Cycle when the moon is fully illuminated. All things are amplified under a full moon – emotions, feelings, ideas, and dreams.

During this mini-retreat, you will slow down and create the space in your mind, body, and spirit, to really feel the progress you’ve made in your life, to celebrate your wins, and the fullness of your intentions.

You’ll learn to feel energy in the palms of your hands with a Qigong practice, and gently start moving your body.

That movement will be taken to a new level with a Sensual Embodied Dance class to open, nourish and celebrate the feminine. Sensual Embodied Dance invites and guides you break out of the cage of your natural strengths and desires and reconnect with your innate gifts of sensuality, emotionality, intuition, and life force.

We’ll finish this four-hour experience with a doTERRA essential oil experience. You can choose from three combinations of oils, hand-picked for their complementary powers to bring yourself back to who you truly are.

Take the time to express your gratitude for all that you have manifested.

Limited to 20 guests


MOVEMENT: Sensually Embodied Dance

RELAXATION: Qigong + Meditation

NATURE: Essential Oils



doTERRA Essential Oils

At doTERRA, we appreciate the power of people and pure intentions to heal the world. We designed our business to intentionally help people—financially*, emotionally, with education about healthy living, and through a sense of belonging to a community.

You’ll choose between one of three powerful collections of oils and their energetic properties to support your intention setting:

Illuminate Collection

Clary Sage – for Insight & Vision

Melissa – for Truth & Light

Roman Chamomile – for Spiritual Purpose

Magic Collection

Arborvitae – for Divine Grace

Copaiba – for Objectivity

Citrus Bliss – for Creativity

Cleanse & Recharge Collection

Lemongrass – for Cleansing

Tea Tree – for Energetic Boundaries

Bergamot – for Self-Acceptance

Sensually Embodied Dance

Moving in our safe space designed to hold and nurture (no men, no mirrors, no judgment), witnessing other women’s courage, beauty, and power, you will become free, empowered, and at home in your body.  You will get stronger, more fluid, and alive as you explore and express your emotions and desires through music, movement, and clothing.  And you will come to know yourself as the beautiful, powerful magnificent being you were born as.

Class Experience: Class includes a flowing series of movements to stretch and strengthen your physical body, stir your emotions and awaken your senses and sensuality.  Generally, we move first on our own mats, dropping in, warming up, stretching, strengthening, and eventually flowing our way around the room including walls and floor.  You will be held by candlelight and encouraging, supportive women.  Just an adventurous discovery of yourself.  Everything we do is optional and you learn to listen to your body’s voice, to get your brain down into your body, and be led by pleasure.

Lineage:  Sensual Embodied Dance grew out of 15 years of study and training under the tutelage of amazing teachers and mentors, including Sheila Kelly/S Factor, Sofia Diaz, David Deida, Michaela Boehm and others.


Jessica Van Antwerp

Integral Travel Owner/Retreat Leader

Recently profiled in Inc. Magazine as a leader in the health/wellness industry in Boulder, CO, Jessica has been studying and working with the human mind, body, and spirit for almost twenty years. Her studies of both Western and Eastern philosophies, religious traditions, and Chinese medical theory give her many lenses through which to help others bring into focus the big picture of their lives. The practical studies of massage, shiatsu, yoga, and qigong were the natural branches of her intellectual pursuits and she has been sharing all of this knowledge through teaching for almost ten years. Integral Travel gives her the opportunity to bring it all together in the context of travel. She believes that removing yourself from your day-to-day environment opens the mind and heart to new things and combining inner exploration with outer exploration anywhere in the world will actually bring you home…to yourself, to heal your heart, and to cultivate optimal health and happiness to create positive changes in the world around you.

Brandy Victory

Quantum Functional Health Practitioner, Sensually Embodied Dance Instructor

Dr. Brandy Victory, D.C. is a Quantum Functional Health Specialist & Sensually Embodied Dance Teacher, leading the movement of helping women shift from overwhelm, excess weight, and body dysmorphia to accessing their vitality, wellbeing, and coming to know their innate, authentic beauty and Truth.

Once afflicted with bipolar manic depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism, and suicidal, doctors said she’d be on medication the rest of her life. She’s not been on meds for over 20 years and lives a vibrant, turned-on life, excited to share the message of wellbeing and body-confidence to those ready to upgrade their wellbeing.

Through Quantum Healing, neuro-emotional clearing, embodiment coaching, nutrition, functional health practices, and shamanistic healing modalities, she invites people to their greatness by helping them unlock their potential to truly heal on all levels. Everyone has everything they need within. We just need to find the key to unlock it so they can shine!

“I fell in love with how empowering it was to awaken my body, my emotions, and my sensual nature through this innately feminine movement.  Low lights, no mirrors, and the women in the room were the safest, most supportive tribe I’d ever encountered.  It was a kick-ass workout, sexy, healing and so much fun.  I discovered all kinds of new music that delighted my body, how to move light and dark emotions and energies and, when I want to, explore their connection to my erotic charge.  And I fell in love with amazing women and with myself.”