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“This trip was a wonderful blend of travel, friendship and education! Integral Travel creates an enriching environment that encourages self-discovery, connection with your fellow group members and exploration. Anyone who takes this trip will return with a deeper understanding of themselves.”


“I have been changed by the program….it demonstrated how much what I eat, movement, nature and all the modalities we did each day affected how I feel physically, emotionally.  One way in which I’ve grown is to be more aware of all my senses. I feel an energy shift to feeling more positive and energized, and now I have some tools to try to keep up this energy.”


“After being home for a bit and having a chance to reflect on my experience, I would do it all over again and definitely recommend it. I made memories that will last a lifetime and friends across the country. The trip introduced me to a passion I never knew I had. It gave me a different perspective on the world. I grew and learned so much and I am so grateful. I felt welcome and safe in Thailand with Integral Travel and I am so grateful to Jess.”


“My expectations of learning more about wellness topics were exceeded by this retreat. There were just SO many gems of knowledge, plus the staff members were exceptional. A precious sense of community was created by the sharing, interactive format, and the willingness of each of the participants to be open.”


“An overwhelming truth to this journey was that I had no clue what I was getting into. For me, as someone who had never really done regular yoga, meditation, or even had a decent diet, my world changed. I have become less angry when things don’t go my way. I don’t cling to expectations and outcomes. I let my friends be themselves. I rejoice in the incredible differences of those around me. I’m patient with myself. I seek balance and strive to live my life in a way that is right, wise, and clear. I always considered myself a compassionate person, but now I feel I’m capable of exercising and expressing it more.”



TOUCH: Massage



SILENCE: Meditation

NATURE: Swimming + Canoeing + Cave Exploration

DIET: the most amazing & fresh Thai food you’ve ever had!

SLEEP: a floating bamboo village on Rajaphraba Lake in Khao Sok National Park

Welcome to the Jungle!

Spend eight days blissfully disconnected from the modern world. No e-mail, no phone calls, no texts, and no social media. It’s just you and your companions, connecting to yourselves, each other, and the natural world during this all-inclusive rejuvenating retreat.

Each day will be bookended with a morning yoga practice, qigong practice before lunch, and evening yin or restorative yoga practice and meditation. In between these mindfulness practices, enjoy moving at the pace of nature, unplugged from the constant pings, dings, and rings of the digital world.

Plenty of group activities will be coordinated including a hike through the jungle, a slideshow of the wildlife surrounding our village captured on motion-activated cameras, arts & crafts, and an authentic Thai cooking class.

There will also be plenty of leisure time for individual pursuits such as swimming, reading, writing, napping (yes, napping!) and of course, practicing the art of doing nothing.


March 25 – April 1, 2023

Private Bathroom

$ 1600

Double Occupancy


Single Occupancy

Registration Closed

Communal Bath


Double Occupancy


Single Occupancy

Registration Closed


  • Transportation to/from Surat Thani International Airport (URT) to Jungleyoga at the Praiwan Raft House
  • Lodging
  • All meals
  • Unlimited Coffee & Tea
  • Water & Fruit
  • Use of kayaks for wildlife viewing
  • Jungle Hike on bamboo raft


  • Flight to/from Surat Thani International Airport (URT)
  • Additional Massages
  • Souvenirs
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Gratuities for therapists, guides, & teachers

Current COVID Travel Restrictions


All COVID-19-related travel restrictions have been lifted! All travelers can freely travel to Thailand.

As of October 1, 2022 travelers entering Thailand are no longer required to show Proof of Vaccination or pre-departure COVID-19 test result.

And COVID-19 tests are no longer required to get back into the United States either.

For the most up to date Thailand travel restriction information please visit the Thai Embassy site.


Your journey begins in a long-tail boat, riding across a pristine lake into the heart of the Thai jungle. You wind your way past towering limestone cliffs and miles of meandering coastline until you reach a remote corner of the lake. There, atop the deep blue water and nestled below a ring of ancient trees, floats a bamboo rafthouse – your home for the next week!

Each morning you wake up just as the first rays of sun start dancing on the water. You wander over to the floating sala for morning yoga, then glide back to the main deck for a delicious and healthy breakfast. After a dip in the silky, cool water, you get ready for the morning’s activity: a hike through the jungle to get to a cave you can explore.

Upon returning to the village, you inhale a breeze rich with garlic, ginger, and lemongrass coming from the kitchen. Yum! Pad Thai for lunch!

After lunch, you jump in one of the kayaks and set off to explore another corner of the lake. A patch of swaying bamboo catches your eye, so you paddle in for a closer look. Now just a few feet from the shoreline, you spot a whole family of monkeys peering out at you from the trees.

Eventually, you paddle back to the village and climb into the hammock that hangs on the porch of your private ‘jungalow’. Soon you are fast asleep, swinging to the rhythm of a thousand gentle waves.

After a peaceful nap, you rise deeply rested and dive into the lake to enliven your mind and body. A lone Macaque wanders over to the edge of the sala. He sits and watches the class with interest before he goes back to hunting for snails.

Soon the cicadas start to sing, signaling that it is almost dinner time. You join the group on the main deck and enjoy sampling every Thai delicacy on the buffet – chile fried fish, Panang curry with tofu, jungle greens, fresh pineapple, and mango…

After dinner, you decide to stretch out on the deck cushions and watch the stars, which are as bright as you have ever seen them thanks to the new moon…

Join us for a truly magical and unforgettable week!


Each bungalow is simply furnished— wooden bed frame, mattress, bedding, pillows, and mosquito netting (if requested) and towel.  All bungalows offer awesome cliff and lake views and a place on the front deck for a hammock nap or just chilling out and soaking up your environment.

Bungalow w/ Private Bathroom

  • Single Occupancy: $1700
  • Double Occupancy: $1600

Bungalow w/ Communal Bathroom

  • Single Occupancy: $1600
  • Double Occupancy: $1500