New Moon Mini-Retreat | Integral Travel New Moon Mini-Retreat | Integral Travel


Sun. June 26th

12-4 pm


Basic Ticket


Level Up

includes a bottle of InJoy CHA



includes a doTERRA sample pack of oils of your choice from our New Moon Collections

Harness the Power of the Moon

The new moon represents a time of new beginnings. It’s a wonderful time to reflect, release what is no longer serving your highest self, and set new intentions for the coming lunar cycle.

During this mini-retreat, you will do just that. You’ll connect with Nature on an herb walk in the mountains, learning what plants can be utilized in your daily life and for what purpose.

Then you’ll experience the power of plants with an essential oil experience, chosen for their power to help shed and reset.

You’ll ease into your body with a yoga practice, to get the physical things flowing, and learn to feel energy in the palms of your hands with a Qigong practice.

We’ll finish this four-hour experience with a kombucha tasting from Injoycha, a Denver-based kombucha company.

Limited to 15 guests



RELAXATION: Qigong + Meditation

NATURE: Herb Walk

HYDRATION: Local Kombucha



doTERRA Essential Oils

At doTERRA, we appreciate the power of people and pure intentions to heal the world. We designed our business to intentionally help people—financially*, emotionally, with education about healthy living, and through a sense of belonging to a community.

You’ll choose between one of three powerful collections of oils and their energetic properties to support your intention setting:

Clarity Collection

Clary Sage – for Insight & Vision

Frankincense – the oil of Truth

Lemon – Focus

Manifestation Collection

Green Mandarin – Pure Potential

Wild Orange – the oil of Abundance

Lemongrass – for Cleansing

Let Go & Flow Collection

Cypress – the oil of Motion & Flow

Copaiba – for Objectivity

Cardamom – Unveiling

Injoy CHA!


InJoy Integration (I&I) was created on Earth Day 2014 to serve the world nourishing, nutrient-dense products utilizing unique and complex herbal and medicinal mushroom ferments. All products are created with focused intention for the healing of humanity and our planet Earth. We believe in using food AZ medicine, and spell it as such to embrace the alphabet of organic food! There are so many different healing herbs and plants that are unfamiliar to the majority of the population, and we want to bring education and awareness to the diversity and potency of medicinal plants and fungi growing on our planet.


Jessica Van Antwerp

Integral Travel Owner/Retreat Leader

Recently profiled in Inc. Magazine as a leader in the health/wellness industry in Boulder, CO, Jessica has been studying and working with the human mind, body, and spirit for almost twenty years. Her studies of both Western and Eastern philosophies, religious traditions, and Chinese medical theory give her many lenses through which to help others bring into focus the big picture of their lives. The practical studies of massage, shiatsu, yoga, and qigong were the natural branches of her intellectual pursuits and she has been sharing all of this knowledge through teaching for almost ten years. Integral Travel gives her the opportunity to bring it all together in the context of travel. She believes that removing yourself from your day-to-day environment opens the mind and heart to new things and combining inner exploration with outer exploration anywhere in the world will actually bring you home…to yourself, to heal your heart, and to cultivate optimal health and happiness to create positive changes in the world around you.

Manda Pendleton

Injoy CHA! Founder, Clinical Herbalist, Nutritionist, & Yoga Teacher

Manda Pendleton has been formulating with herbs, foods, and essences for over 20 years. She began her herbal education at age 5, learning from her Hungarian great-grandmother, Anna, and continued her education with 3.5 years of extensive schooling at the Rocky Mountain Botanical Studies Program in Boulder, Colorado. In 2009, Manda was sent to Northern Ghana by USAid to assist the traditional healers and their children with natural health education and medicine-making enterprises. The combination of Manda’s schooling, experience, constant research, and developed intuition is positively potent for creating high quality, energetically supportive & vitalistic formulations to work powerfully and expediently. She began brewing InJoy CHA! in 2010 after trying her first herbal “Kombu”Cha.