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“This trip was a wonderful blend of travel, friendship and education! Integral Travel creates an enriching environment that encourages self-discovery, connection with your fellow group members and exploration. Anyone who takes this trip will return with a deeper understanding of themselves.”


“I have been changed by the program….it demonstrated how much what I eat, movement, nature and all the modalities we did each day affected how I feel physically, emotionally.  One way in which I’ve grown is to be more aware of all my senses. I feel an energy shift to feeling more positive and energized, and now I have some tools to try to keep up this energy.”


“After being home for a bit and having a chance to reflect on my experience, I would do it all over again and definitely recommend it. I made memories that will last a lifetime and friends across the country. The trip introduced me to a passion I never knew I had. It gave me a different perspective on the world. I grew and learned so much and I am so grateful. I felt welcome and safe in Thailand with Integral Travel and I am so grateful to Jess.”


“My expectations of learning more about wellness topics were exceeded by this retreat. There were just SO many gems of knowledge, plus the staff members were exceptional. A precious sense of community was created by the sharing, interactive format, and the willingness of each of the participants to be open.”


“An overwhelming truth to this journey was that I had no clue what I was getting into. For me, as someone who had never really done regular yoga, meditation, or even had a decent diet, my world changed. I have become less angry when things don’t go my way. I don’t cling to expectations and outcomes. I let my friends be themselves. I rejoice in the incredible differences of those around me. I’m patient with myself. I seek balance and strive to live my life in a way that is right, wise, and clear. I always considered myself a compassionate person, but now I feel I’m capable of exercising and expressing it more.”


Welcome to the Jungle!

Nov. 14 – 19, 2023

Spend some time nourishing yourself before the hecticness of the holidays.

This 6-day all-inclusive retreat in the heart of the Costa Rican jungle is the perfect opportunity to relax and rejuvenate.

Your healing retreat features the daily practices of yoga, qigong, and meditation. In addition to receiving a massage and a Cranial Sacral treatment, you’ll learn how to do your own Cranial unwinding in a 3-hour workshop.

And feel your vibrations change as you ride sound waves to the edges of infinity during a Crystal Singing Bowls Vibrational Bath.

In addition to the exploration of your inner landscapes, you’ll explore the outer landscapes of wild Costa Rica with a visit to the beach, an excursion to a waterfall, and a whale-watching tour.

This retreat will leave an indelible mark upon your soul. And you will also leave a lasting mark on this landscape in a tree-planting ceremony.

And having thus freed your mind and spirit from the stress of your daily life, you’ll leave the jungle to nourish the tree that you planted, letting it also grow wild and free.

Elements of Wellness

TOUCH: Massage + Cranial Sacral


RELAXATION: Self-Unwinding Cranial Sacral Training + Qigong + Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Healing

SILENCE: Meditation

NATURE: Tree Planting + Waterfalls + Beach

DIET: Plant-Based Farm-to-Table

SLEEP: Selva Armonia Immersive Resort

Payment Plans Available
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Plan your flights to arrive to San Jose International Airport (SJO) no later than 1pm on Tues., Nov. 14th.

From there, you’ll be whisked away on a private charter plane for another 30-minute flight deeper into the jungle. A 1-hr. drive will have you at your home for the next five days.

When booking your return flight, please schedule it no earlier than 1pm on Sun., Nov. 19th


Gourmet farm-to-table plant-based meals will delight your senses, tickle your taste buds, and nourish you for the week.

Most food is sourced from the on-site permaculture gardens, making your meals as fresh as can be!

Be amazed by how satisfied a plant-based diet will leave you.


Hidden deep in the mountains of Uvita, Costa Rica, Selva Armonía is an immersive jungle resort that provides a unique space for events, adventure, wellness, and sustainability.

This is a place to escape, a place to find yourself, a place to celebrate, a catalyst for inspiration. An eco-luxury experience woven into ocean view permaculture gardens.

This is where you will have an immersive jungle experience that inspires a connection to nature and community.

Deluxe Bali Villas

Nestled at the top of the property, the two-story Deluxe Bali Villas offer a secluded haven. Enjoy the gentle sounds of nature from your private terrace while you gaze across the lush tropical jungles leading to the Pacific Ocean.

Each two-story villa is equipped with AC, one king bed, two single beds, a private bathtub, a living room area, and a private ocean-view balcony.

Price per Person

Double Occupancy: $3495

Single Occupancy: $3875

Bungalow Suites

Each suite has been designed and decorated to reflect the perfect balance of sustainability and luxury. Enjoy stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the lush Costa Rican mountains.

Each Bungalow is equipped with AC, one king bed, one twin bed, a private outdoor shower, and a private ocean-view balcony.

Price per Person

Double Occupancy: $3245

Single Occupancy: $3625

Private Cabinas

Two Cabinas offer an intimate getaway space surrounded by jungle canopy and permaculture gardens. Their design is inspired by the region’s traditional architecture, including hand-carved details and locally sourced materials.

Each Cabina is equipped with AC, one queen bed, a private outdoor shower, and a private garden-view balcony.

Price per Person

Double Occupancy: $2995

Single Occupancy: $3365

Casa Grande Lodge Rooms

Wake up to breathtaking ocean views and a peaceful jungle soundscape in our Casa Grande Double rooms.

Perched in the mountains of Uvita’s tropical rainforest, each Casa Grande room is equipped with one queen bed, one single bed, a ceiling fan, shared bathroom amenities, and a stunning ocean view.

Price per Person

Double Occupancy: $2615

Single Occupancy: $2995