July 13, 2019


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Nature Heals

Based on the Japanese practice, Shinrin-yoku, a forest bathing experience is a unique opportunity to connect with the beauty and mystery of nature with all of your senses and child-like curiosity.

Unlike a hike, a Forest Therapy Walk is a slow saunter, on and off trail that consists of facilitated “invitations” that create opportunities to slow down and connect with your surroundings, to experience Nature in a mindful way.

This particular Forest Hike will be led by Cat Pantaleo, owner of Quintessential Connections, and will also incorporate Qigong (pronounced chee-gung), led by Integral Travel owner Jessica Van Antwerp, which is an ancient Chinese moving meditation. It means Energy Cultivation or Exchange. And what a beautiful opportunity, while we are so deeply connected to Nature, to expel stagnant energy within our bodies, inviting in the healing power of Nature.

This walk will end with a sharing of hot tea made from local plants/trees.


Meyer’s Homestead Trail

6532 Flagstaff Rd.

Boulder, CO 80302