Oct 12 – Nov. 9, 2019

9-10am MST

Early Bird Price: $60

by Oct. 5th

Regular: $75

A Medical Qigong Style

This ancient art of energy cultivation can bring you to better health, balanced emotions, increased vigor, and less stress. Learn the ten Phases of Qi cultivation, that will take you on a journey through the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual bodies.

*No experience necessary. 

Students will:

  • Develop/Deepen their felt sense of qi
  • Be introduced to different types of qi cultivation
  • Learn the Three Intentful Corrections
  • Become familiar with the 10 phases of qi cultivation
  • Understand the philosophical foundation of each of the 10 phases
  • Connect all 10 movements into one flowing practice

This style of Qigong was developed by Dr. Roger Jahnke, MD, DOM.


The comfort of your home!

Online workshops allow you the flexibility to come as you are, eliminating the need to rush out the door to be somewhere by a specific time.

All classes will be recorded, so if you need to miss one a live session, you can catch up on the information provided.