Aug 17 – Sept 25, 2019

9-10 am MST

Early Bird Price: $75

by March 16th

Regular: $90

Qigong for the Meridians

HeartMind is the translation of the Chinese word Xin (pronounced “shin”), which encompasses a profound understanding of the heart as the place in our body where spirit and mind reside. True wisdom, and access to higher consciousness come to us through Xin, the HeartMind.

In HeartMind Meridian Qigong, we focus on the healing effects of Qi cultivation directed through the meridians. By promoting the flow of energy throughout body, mind and spirit, we clear out misguided thinking, inaccurate beliefs, behavior and conditioning from the HeartMind.

This allows for the mystical co-mingling of mind and spirit in the body, and releases ones true inner light and connection to the infinite stream of health and wellness.

This style of qigong was developed by Matthew Sweigart, AOBTA CSP & CI. 

*No experience necessary. 


The comfort of your home!

You don’t even have to change out of your PJs. Start your weekends off by learning a healing practice that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

*All classes will be recorded and available afterwards for review.